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Working on Cloud Quantum is a good experience. I like the ease of downloading forms. I also like the improvements that have been made making Quantum much easier such as entering current and future income needs. Being able to share the forms easily with clients and Counsel is also a much appreciated feature. It also has a refreshing look about it all and so much easier to use.

Emma Patel, Partner, Rosewood Solicitors

It is a lot easier to use and understand. The layout is much more modern and it responds a lot quicker than our current system.

Deanna Goldsby, Paralegal, Shakespeare Martineau​

I have been using Quantum for 15 plus years now, and I wouldn’t want to be without it! The latest revamped cloud based version is more user-friendly, and is altogether brighter and easy to use. Having all of the forms in one place, and being able to easily draft multiple applications, forms and orders, after the initial case details are inputted and saved, is a real time saver. Clients particularly like the fact the Form E has in-built auto calculator. The customer service that I have experienced over the years has always been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend Quantum Cloud.

Nicola Chamberlain , Head of Family, Blackfords LLP

I have been a committed user of Quantum for over 20 years. It is invaluable to have the auto-calculation tool, so any changes are extrapolated to the financial summaries, plus the income needs schedules are impeccable, prompting clients to think deeply about bills they may have forgotten.

On top of a fantastic product, the customer service provided by Lisa and the team is second to none. Our Clients love working with us using Quantum. Those who have called them for assistance have always sung their praises. As a firm, we hardly ever need to ring customer service but when we do, they are always delightful.

Aina Khan OBE, Solicitor, Aina Khan Law

Features & Benefits

Collaborate on forms with your client using Quantum Collaborate

(optional add-on)

  • Collaborate on forms with clients and counsel, within the security of Quantum Cloud.
  • Collaborate on multiple forms, including the Form E.
  • Track and compare changes your client has made to the form, before importing them.

Read more about Quantum Collaborate.

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Save time and increase your productivity with our integrated time saving features

  • Expand text boxes and add rows for unlimited data input.
  • Auto-calculations throughout to reduce the risk of error.
  • Create a Chronology and Schedule of Assets at the click of a button. Quantum Cloud will import all of the relevant data for you, formatted and ready to print.
  • Enter all core case details once. Quantum then automatically merges the details into all of the forms for you. Any changes to the case information during the case only needs to be altered in one place, instead of manually updating each form already started in the case.
  • Names and addresses of courts and divorce centres are kept up-to-date in Quantum. You only need to select the court or divorce centre you are using once and it will auto populate your forms.
  • Produce a timetable of expected dates to print/download and add to your case file.
  • Everything you do in Quantum Cloud auto saves, so you don't risk losing your work.

Access the full library of family forms & standard family orders

  • Quantum Cloud contains over 100 family law forms, including divorce, financial remedy, children and Family Law Act forms.
  • All forms can also be accessed as a blank form to print or download.
  • The full collection of standard family orders are integrated into Quantum Cloud.

Easily draft and export your standard family court orders

  • Quantum makes drafting your court orders easy, giving you the ability to pre-select the paragraphs you want to use.
  • Your core case information will be merged into the order, which is formatted to the standardised house rules and colour coded to help you complete it.
  • For financial orders, Quantum also merges in the information from Form E.

Print or download your case files with the click of a button

  • You can choose to print a specific section of a form or the whole form. Or, you can save it as a PDF to send to your client for approval.
  • Forms are saved within Quantum (in the cloud). But if you would like to import a form out of Quantum, you can download it as a PDF with one click and save into your document management system.

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