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Key products

Quantum Cloud

Cloud Based – Access your Quantum system anywhere

  • Enables you to access Quantum on a wide range of devices, regardless of the operating system.
  • No need to install – simply access the programme via the web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • There is no compromise in terms of security. All data is encrypted and stored on Amazon Web Services (the most secure web storage available).

Input case information once

  • Enter all core case details once – Quantum then automatically merges the details into all of the forms for you.
  • Any changes to the basic case information during the case only needs to be altered in one place, instead of manually updating each form already started in the case.

Automatic updates

  • Quantum is responsive to change. New forms are automatically uploaded which reduces the risk of using outdated forms or court orders.

Highly flexible and intelligent Form E

  • There is no limit to the number of items you can add in Quantum's Form E. Your client's assets and liabilities will be continually totalled as you enter data.
  • Current and future income needs can be entered side by side and the income needs template can be tailored to suit your firms own requirements.

Chronology and schedule of assets

  • Create a chronology and schedule of assets at the click of a button. Quantum will import all of the relevant data for you, formatted and ready to print.

Unlimited text input

  • Expandable forms mean there is no limit to how much text can be entered into a Quantum form.

Easy printing

  • You can choose to print a specific section of a form or the whole form. Or, you can save it as a PDF to send to your client for approval.

Flexible and easy management of your client files

  • Upon logging in, you will see all of your current client files for ease of opening. When the file is finished, you can archive it.
  • By default, cases are available to all Quantum users within your firm. However, you can mark sensitive cases as private and only allow specific individuals to see and access them.

Standard Family Court Orders

  • Quantum makes drafting your court orders easy, giving you the ability to pre-select the paragraphs you want to use.
  • Your core case information will be merged into the order, which is formatted to the standardised house rules and colour coded to help you complete it.
  • For financial orders, Quantum also merges in the information from Form E.

Multi-factor authentication and the highest security

  • The program is held on Amazon Web Servers. The multi-factor authentication gives you peace of mind that your program and all the data stored within it is fully secure. Read more about multi-factor authentication here.

Data is stored in the cloud

  • Data stored in the cloud is more secure than stored locally on your computers.

Intuitive and modern design

  • The layout is clean, simple and easy to navigate.

All court and divorce centre details are stored within the program

  • Names and addresses of courts and divorce centres are kept up-to-date in Quantum. You only need to select the court or divorce centre you are using once and it will auto populate your forms.

Auto-save functionality

  • Never lose your work - the program saves your data as you go.

Over 60 forms and 128 standard family orders

  • The program includes divorce, financial remedy, children and family law act forms. It also includes the full set of standard family orders.

Case timetabler

  • Produce a timetable of expected dates to print/download and add to your case file.

All forms can be saved to PDF to add to a Document Management System

  • Forms are saved within Quantum (in the cloud). But if you would like to import a form out of Quantum, you can download it as a PDF with one click and save into your document management system.

Form update panel

  • Always know which forms are new or have been updated with the update panel.

Form versioning

  • Revert back to an older form if necessary for your case.


Mac compatible

Fully compatible across Apple Mac devices. Read a step-by-step guide on how to install onto a Mac here: Installing @e Glance On A Mac

Duxbury tables and calculators

Calculate a whole range of useful figures for money cases (including personalised calculations for Duxbury, Child Support and tax and CGT).

Family Procedure Rules

The Family Procedure Rules 2010 section contains the text of all the finance-related Rules, Practice Directions and access to the prescribed Forms, complemented by authoritative and detailed Commentaries written by your editorial team, Sir Peter Singer, Mr Justice Mostyn, Lewis Marks QC and Gavin Smith.

Printable reports

Print-out formatted and stylishly presented reports of your calculations to support your client's case in negotiations or in court.

Leading Cases Indexes

Browse the Leading Cases indexes with FLR headnotes and transcripts.


Updated quarterly, with @eGlance you will always have the latest data to hand. Each quarter during your subscription year we send you an email alerting you to the availability of the latest update for download.


Available across all platforms, including Windows, Mac and online

Capitalise can now be used on Windows and Mac, whether it is a desktop, laptop or tablet. There is also a web based application that you can access via your internet browser.

Calculating tools

Carry out conventional calculations (working from an income required to a capital sum) or reverse calculations (working out the income a specific capital sum will provide).

Stepped calculations

Reduce (or enhance) the income requirement at a certain point during the term.

Preserve initial capital

Ensure the initial capital is preserved at the end of the term, so it falls into the recipient’s estate.

Composite report

A summary page, laying out the description and ‘answer’ for each calculation, so you can view them all on one page.

Family Law Hub

Regular online webinars

We release a minimum of 6 webinars a year. Members of the Hub can register to watch the webinars live, or catch up with the recordings afterwards. All of our webinars are kept as a full library on the site so members can go back and watch them at any time.

Latest family law news and cases

We cover the latest stories, announcements and updates in family law to bring it to you in one place. This information is available for all those who visit the site, it isn't exclusive to members.

Library of Judgments

All of the family law judgments we cover are kept in one place so you can look through cases or search for a specific case.

Case Notes

A full library of case notes on past cases written by experts in the field. This content is exclusive to Hub members.

Dictionary of Financial Remedies

Our popular publication, Dictionary of Financial Remedies, is uploaded as practice notes to the Family Law Hub each year. This content is exclusive to members of the Hub.

Daily or weekly updates, direct to your inbox

Sign up to our Family Law Hub bulletin so you receive updates directly by email each time we publish new content on the Hub. You can opt to receive the updates daily or weekly. This service is available for all visitors to the site.

Useful links to all family forms

You can find links to all of the family court forms in one place, linking you directly to the form on the Gov website. This service is available for all visitors to the site.

Family Court Orders

Links to download each Standard Family Order alongside commentary and guidance notes supplied by HHJ Edward Hess. This content is exclusive to members of the Hub.

The latest library of Standard Family Orders

Know that you are always using the most up-to-date templates.

Commentary from HHJ Edward Hess

On when and how to use each order, plus key practice points within the orders themselves.

Easy paragraph selection

View the full text of each paragraph before you select it - mandatory paragraphs are shown.

Core case data merged in

Enter details of the parties, their representatives and the court to be merged into the order.

Order created as colour coded Word document

It's easy for you to see where you need to select sub-clauses or insert data

Follows the President's House Rules

Allowing you to concentrate on the content and not the layout.

Costs Law Online

Key Features

Quantum Header Award

For the best experience, we recommend Google Chrome as the browser to access Quantum Cloud.


A handy application to install on your PC or mac, allowing you to access a plethora of useful tools and information to aid your money cases.

  • Facts, figures, Tolata, Duxbury, leading cases and commentary all in one resource
  • Browse the leading cases indexes with FLR headnotes and transcripts
  • Calculate a whole range of useful figures for money cases (including personalised calculations for Duxbury, Child Support and tax and CGT). Print-out formatted reports of your calculations to support your client's case in negotiations or in court
Software Page Capitalise

Our most sophisticated cloud-based calculating tool, enabling you to calculate spousal maintenance and clean breaks.

  • Carry out Duxbury calculations, personalised to your client
  • Include a stepped calculation - Reduce (or enhance) the income requirement at a certain point during the term
  • Preserve the initial capital in your calculation so it falls into the recipient’s estate at the end of the term Produce formatted composite reports, including a summary page so you can view the description and ‘answer’ for each calculation on one page

An online resource for all private family law practitioners, providing members with access to exclusive live webinars, practice notes and commentary.

  • Attend regular live webinars on a variety of current topics and access to the full library of past webinars
  • Use the practice notes, all taken from the entries to our popular annual publication Dictionary of Financial Remedies
  • Benefit from useful commentary and notes from HHJ Edward Hess on completing your standard family orders
  • Read through a library of past case notes written by experts in their field

Draft and complete your standard family court orders online, pre-formatted so you only need to concentrate on the content.

  • All of the latest standard family orders are included, using the most up-to-date templates
  • Pre-select your paragraphs so only the clauses you actually need are included in your final order
  • All of the core case data only needs to be entered once and is then merged across all orders, saving you valuable time# Commentary from HHJ Edward Hess is included throughout to aid you on how to complete the orders
Software Page Costs Law Online

Access costs law cases stretching back to 1910, complete with succinct headnotes provided by the editors Master Colin Campbell and Teresa Aitken.

  • Over 120 cases a year are reported Full searchable text so you can easily find what you are looking for

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