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Available across all platforms, including Windows, Mac and online

Capitalise can now be used on Windows and Mac, whether it is a desktop, laptop or tablet. There is also a web based application that you can access via your internet browser. 

Calculating tools

Carry out conventional calculations (working from an income required to a capital sum) or reverse calculations (working out the income a specific capital sum will provide).

Stepped calculations

Reduce (or enhance) the income requirement at a certain point during the term.

Preserve initial capital

Ensure the initial capital is preserved at the end of the term, so it falls into the recipient’s estate.

Composite report

A summary page, laying out the description and ‘answer’ for each calculation, so you can view them all on one page.

About the authors

This program has been devised by Class Legal with the help of Mr Justice Mostyn and Sir Peter Singer.

Mr Justice Mostyn is a Family Division Judge of the High Court. As a barrister he specialised in Ancillary Relief. He is the author of Child's PAY and Quantum, and is also joint editor of At A Glance and @eGlance. He is a member of the President's Ancillary Relief Advisory Group and of the President's International Committee. He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

The late Sir Peter Singer was a High Court Judge of the Family Division who retired in 2010. He remained an Associate Member of 1 Hare Court where he practised as barrister and then QC for 25 years. He practised as an independent Family Dispute Resolution Facilitator, conducting private Financial Dispute Resolution meetings in domestic law post-separation financial disputes, and to assist in the resolution of family issues of every complexion. At the time of his judicial appointment he was President Elect of the European Chapter of the International Academy of Family Lawyers and participated in many cases with an international dimension.

I very much doubt that you will want to return to the old manual calculation methods after trying Capitalise.

John Bolch, Family Lore

It is excellent. Very clear, user-friendly format.

Elizabeth Clarke, Barrister, QEB


Nigel Dyer QC, Barrister, 1 Hare Court

Software Downloads/Updates

  • Capitalise II PC 64bit version (53.55 MB) Download
  • Capitalise II PC 32bit version (48.08 MB) Download
  • Capitalise II Mac version (66.41 MB) Download

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