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Although I acknowledge that there may be the odd case where an expert is required to carry out a very clearly defined and tailored Duxbury calculation, in the vast run of cases it is inappropriate to reach beyond the Duxbury tables in At A Glance, or the Capitalise programme for a more advanced formula.

Mr Justice Peel, High Court Judge

Often during a hearing, as issues crystallise, the judge will ask for specific calculations to be carried out; indeed, I did just that in this case. The underlying assumptions can be adjusted on the Capitalise programme if required.

Mr Justice Peel, High Court Judge

It is excellent. Very clear, user-friendly format

Elizabeth Clarke, Barrister, QEB


Nigel Dyer QC, Barrister, 1 Hare Court

I very much doubt that you will want to return to the old manual calculation methods after trying Capitalise.

John Bolch, Family Lore

Features & Benefits

Create bespoke Duxbury calculations for your client

  • Carry out conventional calculations (working from an income required to a capital sum) or reverse calculations (working out the income a specific capital sum will provide).
  • There is no limit to how many calculations you can create for each client.
  • Calculations can be for life, or a specified period.
  • Adjust variables such as inflation, income yield and capital growth, Income Tax and allowances, Capital Gains Tax and State Pension.
  • Add income requirements (in a conventional calculation), income receipts, capital receipts and pensions receipts to each calculation. These variables can be adjusted for the whole of the term, for year, or between a set number of years.
Capitalise Screen

Easily access at home, in the office or in court

  • The cloud-based software can be accessed through your internet browser, whether you are at home or in the office.
  • Use on any device, using any operating system, including Apple.

Tailor your result using Stepped Calculations

  • Reduce, or enhance, the income requirement at a certain point during the term.

Preserve you client's initial capital

  • Ensure the initial capital is preserved at the end of the term, so it falls into the recipient’s estate.

Create a fully formatted report

  • Capitalise reports include the calculation result, a summary page, and a detailed breakdown of the result for each year of the calculation.
  • The detailed results can be imported to Excel, or downloaded as a formatted PDF report.

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