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Time Costs

  • Price Indexes [Calculator]
  • Inflation and Investments [Calculator]
  • Interest Rates and Calculations [Calculator]
  • Compounding and Discounting [Calculator]


  • Child Support 2008 Regime [Calculator]
  • School fees [Calculating table]
  • Tertiary education costs and funding [Calculating table]


  • House Price Index [Calculator]
  • Mortgage Costs [Calculator]
  • Stamp Duty [Calculator]
  • Council tax bands [Calculating table]
  • Annual tax on enveloped dwellings [Calculating table]
  • Housing benefit [Calculating table]

Company Cars

  • Company Car Benefit [Calculating table]
  • Company Car Fuel Benefit [Information]
  • Business Travel Mileage Rates [Calculating table]

(Self) Employment

  • Net Income Calculator [Calculator]
  • Gross Salary Calculator [Calculator]

Financial Indexes

  • FTSE 100 Index [Calculator]
  • FTSE All Share Index [Calculator]
  • Dow Jones Index [Calculator]
  • DAX Index [Calculator]
  • Hang Seng Index [Calculator]
  • NASDAQ Index [Calculator]
  • Stamp Duty [Calculator]


  • Pensions Overview [Information & resources]
  • Pension Sharing [Information & resources]
  • Pension Attachment [Information & resources]
  • State Pension Age Calculator [Calculator]

Lifetime Support

  • Annuities [Calculating tables]
  • Duxbury Calculations [Calculator]
  • Life Expectancy [Calculator]
  • Life Cover [Calculator]

Tax and National Insurance

  • Income and Capital Gains Tax [Calculator]
  • Capital Gains [Calculator]
  • Inheritance Tax [Calculator]
  • Taxing Times [Calculating table]
  • National Insurance Contributions [Calculator]
  • Tax Credits [Calculating table]

Social Security Benefits

  • Universal Credit [Calculating table]
  • Benefits Cap [Information]
  • Income Replacement [Calculating table]
  • Special Needs [Calculating table]
  • Children [Calculating table]
  • Income Support [Calculating table]
  • Tax Credits [Calculating table]
  • Pension Credit [Calculating table]
  • Housing Benefits [Calculating table]
  • Benefits Calculator [Information & resources]


  • Exchange Rates [Calculator]
  • Currency rates [Website]

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