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Financial Remedies Journal Style Guide

The following is a guide to aid authors writing an article for the Financial Remedies Journal.

Style Guide


1. Please supply article in .docx format
2. Please supply tables as separate spreadsheets if possible, as well as including them in the appropriate place in the article.
3. Please supply pictures as separate files if possible, as well as including them in the appropriate place in the article.


1. Please choose keywords for your article. There's a list of those previously used here, but feel free to supply others where needed.
2. Please supply a photograph and a bio in the third person.


Use hashes before headings to indicate heading levels, for example—
- # Before a Title
- ## Before a sub-heading
- ### Before a sub-sub-heading
- Use Title Case for Titles, and sentence case for sub-headings.
- Single quotes. Doubles for quotes within quotes.
- Block quotes: don't italicise; use single quote marks at the beginning and end.
- Non-italics for short quotes within the text.
- Use 'they' rather than 'he or she' for hypothetical people except where it would cause confusion.
- Square brackets for paragraph numbers from case reports.
- Spellings, capitalisations, italics etc: follow the New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors.

Case citations

1. Parties and v in italics, citation in roman
2. Re dropped from the beginning of case names
3. & Ors / & Anor
4. Please avoid splitting parties and citations between text and endnotes wherever possible, e.g. Smith v Jones [2020] EWCA Civ 9009, rather than Smith v Jones in the text and the [2020] EWCA Civ 9009 in an endnote.
5. Bracketed case descriptions e.g. Smith (Children in Care), in title caps


1. First references in article or endnotes in full, subsequent appearances abbreviated if necessary.
2. Preceded by "the" when given in full, "the" left out when abbreviated; e.g. section 1 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, MCA 1973, s 1
3. Statutory Instrument numbers appear thus: (SI 2020/129)
4. FPR 12.2 / CPR 12.2 (no r or r.)


1. Use endnotes rather than footnotes. In Word, the endnote button can be found in the References toolbar.
2. Place endnote references after full stops and commas rather than before.
3. Avoid the use of ibid, op cit, and so on: use abbreviated references.
4. Avoid cross-references between footnotes.
5. End endnotes with a full stop, unless a url with no other text.

Notes and queries

1. If you wish to include a note or query in the text, to be carried forward and checked later, please place it in the appropriate place in the text within two pairs of curly brackets, e.g. {{nb: to be updated if Act has passed by publication date}}.

Blog specific notes

1. The Financial Remedies blog supports plain-text markdown formatting, so if you use markdown when writing please feel free to supply in that format.
2. Blockquotes: indicate with > at the beginning of the first line.
3. Bullets: indicate with * at the beginning of each bullet.
4. Links: please place square brackets around the text to be hyperlinked, followed by the link in round brackets, e.g. Class Legal
5. Please supply a tagline for your article.
6. Please supply keywords for your article. A list of keywords previously used can be found here.