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The Editors of Costs Law Reports, Master Colin Campbell and Teresa Aitken, PI Costings, select the key costs cases as they are published, and give each of them an incisive and succinct Headnote, alongside the full text of the judgment.

We report over 120 cases a year in print and online with the full, searchable text of all those cases.

Comprehensive Online Archive

The biggest and most comprehensive online archive of Costs Law cases, both civil and criminal. There are over 1900 cases available on Costs Law Reports Online.


Headnotes, list of cases cited and full judgment text available to subscribers. The headnotes from the Editors identify key points and costs relevance.

Sophisticated Search Functionality

The site is built with a sophisticated search functionality. You can search by text, keywords or issue number. A keyword search, such as 'court of protection' will list all cases associated with the court of protection.

Latest Costs Law Cases

Over 120 cases a year are reported in full searchable text so you can easily find what you are looking for.


Every case can be download as a print ready PDF to be used for easy reading, reference, or printing out for court.

Monthly Bulletin

Our monthly bulletin on costs law brings together the latest cases published on Costs Law Reports. You can subscribe here.

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