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They have directed you to this page so you can use Quantum Client as part of that process, and hopefully reduce the time and costs involved in settling your affairs. 

There are four stages to the process:

  1. You download the free Quantum Client software and enter as much of the information as you can
  2. You then email the file back to your solicitor 
  3. They import your data into their Quantum Family Forms program so they can then prepare your Form E
  4. Your solicitor can return the Form E to you for checking, and you can make change or annotations on screen if necessary

We hope you find Quantum Client really easy and straightforward to use. 

Quick install 
Download Quantum Client by clicking on the link above. 

If you'd like some help on how to download, installing and run Quantum Client please click here to open and print an illustrated guide, which will take you through the process step by step.

Quantum Client Manual
There's a full manual within the program for you to print out and refer to if you need it - click on the button in the blue band at the top of the screen or click on Help at the top of the screen and then Manual.

Alternatively, click here to download and print the manual.

More information about Quantum Client

  • Quantum Client is designed to run in a Microsoft Windows environment. Thus it will only work on a Mac if there is installed a Windows emulator such as VM Fusion. It is not compatible to run on iPads or other mobile devices.
  • The software is free to use and you can install it on more than on PC if you find that helpful.
  • The software runs for 35 days after which you will need to ring Class Legal for a password to continue using it for a further 35 days.
  • You can save information as you go so there is no need to finish the form all in one sitting.
  • If you need help installing the software you can call our customer service team on 01652 652222 during office hours.

Software Downloads/Updates

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Helpful resources

  • Quantum Client Manual View

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