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You can access Quantum anywhere - from your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. It is safe, secure and no install is required - simply log in via your internet browser.

Automatic updates

Quantum is responsive to change. New forms are automatically uploaded so there is no risk of using outdated forms or court orders.

Highly flexible and intelligent Form E

There is no limit to the number of items you can add in Quantum's Form E. Your client's assets and liabilities will be continually totalled as you enter data. 

Current and future income needs can be entered side by side and the income needs template can be tailored to suit your firm's own requirements. 

Standard Family Court Orders

Quantum makes drafting your court orders easy, giving you the ability to pre-select the paragraphs you want to use.

Your core case information will be merged into the order, which is formatted to the standardised house rules and colour coded to help you complete it.

For Financial orders, Quantum also merges in the information from Form E.

Input case information once

Core case information only needs to be entered once. Quantum uses it to populate the relevant forms and court orders.

Your client can use it too

Clients can start their own Form E using Quantum Client; a free, web-based service. You can access and edit their returned Form E. 

Chronology and Schedule of Assets

Create a chronology and schedule of assets at the click of a button. Quantum will import all of the relevant data for you, formatted and ready to print.

Unlimited text input

Expandable forms mean there is no limit to how much text can be entered into a Quantum form. 

Manage your client files

By default, cases are available to all Quantum users within your firm. However, you can mark the sensitive cases as private and only allow specific individuals to see and access them. 

Easy printing

You can choose to print a specific section or the whole form. You can also easily print or download a blank form to send to your client. 


How does Quantum work? 

1. Open Quantum and create a new case file

2. Enter all of your case information once. This automatically populates all of the forms and orders

3. Complete the rest of the information in the relevant forms and orders for your client (e.g. Divorce Petition, Financial Statement)

4. Create a chronology and schedule of assets with the click of a  button

5. Print or save your forms and orders, pre-formatted and ready to send to court

Software Downloads/Updates

    Currently no downloads available.

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