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Features & Benefits

Data shared across documents

Be more productive because of reduced data entry overheads. Common core data such as parties names, children and bank accounts shared across all documents where relevant - including standard orders.

Expandable key forms

Most key forms expand wherever necessary so there are no constraints on what you can say and no need to append additional pages.

Quantum Client

Save time getting started by importing information supplied by your client using our Quantum Client add-on: it’s free to download for your clients. 

Comprehensive support and training

Training and access to the customer support team is all inclusive within the price. This is supplemented by regular training webinars and online resources.    

Full access to

Allowing you to complete your private law forms and Family Court orders all in the same place. You can access the site directly or though Quantum. 

You can read more on how to use the orders in Quantum here. 

Monitor progress using the Case Dashboard

Lets you see documents that are being worked on, whether or not they have finished and any notes you have made – all on a single screen. 

Updates included as part of the annual fee

All documents are updated whenever necessary, meaning you don’t have to worry that you are using out of date forms. 

The best Form E developed over years of experience

Our Form E updates running totals as figures change, has fully integrated asset schedules and income needs tools and contains many more tools and refinements designed to make it easier for you to manage this critical complex form. 

Print & export your forms to PDF or Word compatible rtf

Can be integrated with common file and document management systems

These include Filesite, Peppermint & LawMan

At the heart of Quantum is our unrivalled Form E.

No other Form E software comes close to matching Quantum's range of tools, features, functionality and built in expertise.

All this know how is integrated with the aim of making the Quantum Form E much more than just an easy way to enter data: used properly it will help you shape and present your case concisely, accurately and professionally.

  • Infinitely expanding boxes
    All list boxes such as bank accounts, properties and mortgages expend indefinitely. The resulting Form E, when printed, is formatted so that there are no additional sheets or appendices to get lost in the bundle.
  •  Asset totals recalculate as new data added
    All totals are calculated by the software where relevant. Quantum will automatically recalculate your totals every time you change the values of disclosed assets. 
  • Create a Schedule of Assets with a single click
    All the data entered into your Form E can be transformed into a comprehensive, accurate Schedule of Assets with a one click import. You can then make adjustments in the Schedule if required or simply print it out. You can even copy the Schedule information and underlying formulas into Excel if you prefer.
  • Use Quantum to create an income needs schedule
    Our flexible income needs tools enable you to build an accurate detailed picture of your client's current and future expenditure.

    Other invaluable, time-saving features in our Form E include:
  • Save to PDF
  • Allow your client to start the disclosure process themselves using the free Quantum Client
  • Create an instant Financial Remedy Timetable for your file
  • Calculate child support
  • Mark the form as voluntary for use in mediation and arbitration
  • Recalculate overseas assets using the latest exchange rates
  • Create a chronology pulling in both dates already entered in Quantum and your own manual records
  • Flexible control of fonts so you can customise your Form E to match house style
  • Countless other refinements to make it easy for you to collate and present a more professional Form E

All your other private family law forms included

Quantum also includes all the other forms you need to manage your financial remedy and private children law matters.

You can see a list of all the forms available in Quantum here. 

Essential case data about your client and the case can be easily imported into each new form you work on. For example, if your client moves then you only need to change their address in one place. Any new forms you work on will automatically pick up the changed data. 

Crucially, all updates to the forms are included in your annual subscription so you can be confident that you are using the right form at the right time.

Quantum can handle all your:

  • divorce applications
  • financial remedies applications
  • private children law applications
  • non-molestation applications
  • costs issues
  • case management applications such as notice of acting

Class have listened patiently to our quibbles and requests for years now, which – alongside all the other suggestions that it has adopted – has permitted this vital tool to evolve with developments in family law. It was pretty highly developed from the start but is now an easy to use and easy to grasp system that responds impressively to the various different ways of working that we all have and the demands that we make of the system

Daniel Coombes, Family Law in Partnership

"Very impressed with the updates that have been made to Quantum recently"

Carol Ellinas, Russells Solicitors

“The Family Team at Irwin Mitchell think Quantum is a brilliant system. It makes the production of documents more efficient. It also means the documents are produced in a uniform style. In turn this leads to a better service for our client."

Irwin Mitchell

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