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Quantum Collaborate is an optional add-on module which allows your clients (and barristers) to collaborate on forms with you, all within the security of Quantum Cloud.

Quantum Collab 5

How will Quantum Collaborate help me?

1. Collaborate on forms with your client or counsel

Save time, and your client’s money, by allowing your client either to start filling in their own case information and forms, or to view and add to your draft versions (initially Forms E, E1, E2, C100, D81 and C1A, plus the Chronology and Schedule of Assets are available to share; other forms to follow).

2. Easy cloud-based access for you and your client

Your client can complete their forms on any device, with no installation necessary.

3. High security

Remove the security risk of exchanging forms containing sensitive data via email. All collaboration takes place under the same high security levels as Quantum Cloud.

4. Track & compare changes

You can review each section of your client’s form before importing it into their case file. View their form in comparison mode next to your own version and choose to import all or some sections of their version of the form.

Quantum Collaborate is simple and easy to access through Quantum Cloud.

To discuss pricing and set up, or to book a demo, contact us on 01652 652222 or email

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