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Twilio Authy is straightforward and free to use. It can be installed through Google Play (Android users) or the App Store (Apple users).

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Install the app to your chosen device, entering your mobile phone number and email address. You will then be sent a PIN to enter to verify your phone or tablet.

Using Twilio Authy in Quantum

Once you have been registered as a new Quantum user a link will be emailed to you, inviting you to create an account. Click on the link and enter the username and password provided in the email.

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You have now created a Quantum account. You will be prompted to reset your password when you first login.

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Next, you will be asked to set up 2 factor authentication.

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When you click 'OK' a QR code will appear on the screen (see below).

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Open the Twilio Authy app that you have downloaded to your mobile device.

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Tap the 'Add Account' button at the bottom of the Twilio Authy screen.

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Click on the 'Scan QR Code' button and scan the code on your computer screen.

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On the next screen that appears on your mobile device, you can rename this account to Quantum if you wish. Click save.

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The Twilio Authy app will present you with an 'admin token' (see below).

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Enter the 6 digit admin token into the 'Enter security token' box on your Quantum screen (see below).

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You should now be successfully logged in.

In future, each time you need to login to Quantum you will open the Authy app and a code will be displayed for you to enter into the login screen.

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