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A.Compiling the Schedule of documents Selecting Compile in the Schedule of documents section in Forms E, E1 and E2 allows you to pull in information you have already entered into the form:

Sof D Pic 1

B. Editing the Schedule of documents

1. Editing a document within an existing Form E paragraph entry

Once the data has been pulled in and the schedule compiled the status returns to Edit, so you can then edit and complete the schedule:

Sof D Pic2

To edit a document associated with a paragraph in the form, select that paragraph and click Modify:

Sofd Pic 3

In this example we have two mortgages on ‘Other properties’ which have been pulled from section 2.2 in Form E:

Sofd Pic 4

To add a status and the page number in the bundle to each mortgage statement, select the document and click Modify:

Sof D Pic 5

Change the status, add a page number and then click OK to save:

Sofd Pic 6

You’ll be taken back to the summary of the Form E paragraph and document type - click OK to confirm and to go back to the full list of documents.

2. Adding a document to an existing Form E paragraph entry

To add a new document (i.e. a third mortgage in this ‘Other Property’ section) click Add and then proceed exactly as above, with the only difference that you’ll need to add text into the Description field:

Sofd Pic 7

3. Adding a new Form E paragraph entry

To add a new Form E paragraph (i.e. one that’s not listed in the Schedule of documents on the official form) to the Schedule, click Add at the bottom of the main screen:

Sofd Pic8

From the dropdown menu select which paragraph you want to add to the Schedule:

Sofd Pic9

Enter text into Type of document (for your information only) and into Description (this latter text will appear on the printed form):

Sofd Pic10

Next click Add to associate documents with this paragraph, and complete the fields that appear as below:

Sofd Pic11

The new document will default to the end of the list:

Sofd Pic 12

However the order can be changed using the up/down arrows to the left, so you can move it up to its correct numerical place:

Sofdpic 12

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