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This cancellation option applies to all products except e books where the nature of the product prevents Class Publishing offering this facility. The contract between Class Publishing Limited and the user is concluded when the user has received email confirmation of payment. The user can cancel this contract up to seven working days after the conclusion of the contract, starting with the day after the day on which the contract for services is concluded, provided the user has not received the printed goods, or having done so, agrees to return them in an unused condition in the original packaging.

In the event of a user wishing to cancel a contract with Class Publishing Limited, the user must contact Class Publishing Limited by email on:

On the cancellation of a contract, any sum paid by the user will be repaid by Class Publishing Limited as soon as possible, and in any case, within 30 days of cancellation. Class Publishing Limited will not impose any charge on the user for the exercise of this right.

Where payment has been made through RBSWorldPay™, refunds will be made through RBSWorldPay™ to the relevant credit or debit card.

Where payment has been made by post, Class Publishing Limited will refund the user by cheque.

Where fraudulent use has been made of a users payment card (to include credit and debit cards) in respect of a contract made with Class Publishing Limited, the user will be entitled to cancel any payment which has been made as a result of such fraudulent use.’

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