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Features & Benefits

Please find below a list of key features and benefits:

The latest library of Standard Family Orders

Know that you are always using the most up-to-date templates.

Commentary from HHJ Edward Hess

On when and how to use each order, plus key practice points within the orders themselves.

Easy paragraph selection

View the full text of each paragraph before you select it - mandatory paragraphs are shown.

Core case data merged in

Enter details of the parties, their representatives and the court to be merged into the order.

Order created as colour coded Word document

It's easy for you to see where you need to select sub-clauses or insert data

Follows the President's House Rules

Allowing you to concentrate on the content and not the layout.

Simply enter some core case data, select the paragraphs relevant to the order you are seeking and then create a Word version to fine tune for printing or emailing to others as required. The basic core data, such as parties’ names and solicitors involved is merged automatically.

Below is a short tutorial on how to use

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