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If you are a Class Legal customer and use any of our software, you may be considering working from home during this uncertain time. 

Please send us an email on or call us on 01652 652 222 if you wish to discuss a home working solution. Support is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm.

We are happy to help in any way that we can.

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It is with great regret we report the death of Sir Peter Singer whose funeral was held this week. Sir Peter was a leading Family judge, a founding editor of  At  a Glance & Financial Remedies Practice and a driving force behind its electronic partner @eGlance.  We at Class Legal shall miss his drive and passion for our products  particularly @eGlance  & Capitalise for Duxbury calculations and his evangelicalism that family lawyers should all of course be using these programmes. A link to his obituary is provided here

Here are a few words from those who worked with Peter at Class Legal:

"As an author and editor Sir Peter Singer had a Flaubertian dedication to getting every sentence, word and punctuation mark just right. His commitment to the projects he worked on was a constant inspiration, as was the enthusiasm with which he would explore new working methods and technologies." Stephen Theaker, Editor & Typesetter
“Peter certainly kept me on my toes, making sure that the projects he was so passionate about were being given the exposure they deserve. I have never spent so long proof reading an email as I did to those I sent to Peter, just to make sure my grammar and punctuation were perfect (because, he would kindly let me know if not!). In the short time I spent working with Peter, I really enjoyed our phone and email conversations and greatly appreciated the help he offered me in effectively marketing our products. And, of course, because of him my range of vocabulary has now doubled!” Hannah Smith, Marketing Coordinator, Class Legal
"Peter was a brilliant editor, a publisher's dream. Always prepared to take on an immense amount of demanding work, he cared deeply about getting everything 100% perfect, bending, but never breaking a deadline, however busy he was as barrister, judge, arbitrator." Dick Warner, Chairman, Class Legal
"It was an honour and a joy to work with Peter for over 25 years on At A Glance, Capitalise, @eGlance and Financial Remedies Practice. His intelligence was matched only by his enthusiasm and perfectionism – reflected in the quality of the books and software products he was involved with.  Peter was both generous and great fun to work with, and I learned so much from him. We are missing him terribly as we produce this year’s At A Glance." Melissa Chapman, Legal Editor, Class Legal and Publisher of At A Glance
We called Peter our ‘Super Tester’ because whenever we sent him a new version, he would find anomalies that even the most imaginative programmer hadn’t  thought possible. This was because our Peter was an intrepid computer user. He was the first to embrace new technology; state-of-the-art operating systems and even upgrades before they had reached the consciousness of most IT departments. Despite his propensity for spotting everything from the smallest (punctuation!) to potentially more serious errors, he was always respectful and humorous but above all, he was kind. We shall miss him dearly. Nicola van Lennep, software developer

The obituary, written by Nick Mostyn, can be read on the Telegraph website here:

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