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In an attempt to ease this pressure, it was reported in The Law Society Gazette this week that "Family lawyers will be expected to come to court with their laptops and draft orders on the day". 

The report refers to a policy that is currently in operation at London Central Family Court.

You can read the full article here. 

At Class Legal, we realise that making the process of drafting orders quickly and efficiently is invaluable for those practicing in the field, and so we created 

This online tool makes light work of drafting the Standard Family Orders - with all of the formatting, as per the President's House Rules, already in place, meaning you can focus on the content rather than the formatting. 

All of the Standard Family Orders are available within, and as it is an online tool any changes to the orders made by the court will be updated instantly on the site, without you having to install any updates. 

The tool allows you to merge all of your core case data so it auto-populates the orders for you. You can also pre-select the paragraphs before collating the order, meaning you have less work to complete on the final version. Once satisfied with your paragraph selection, you simply compile the order and it opens up in a Word document for you, ready to complete. 

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As a user of the tool, you will also benefit from useful commentary and guidance notes throughout, provided by HHJ Edward Hess, HHJ Martin Dancey and Edward Devereux QC.

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You can read more about, including purchasing a licence, here. 

Alternatively, you can trial the tool for free. Request your free trial. 

For a whistle stop tour of the tool, the short video below will provide you with the basic knowledge of the tool.

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