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1.             New versions of the following 3 forms have been incorporated in Quantum v9.4:

Form A 

Form A1 


The forms have been revised in consequence of the amendments to Part 9 FPR to provide for financial remedy applications to be dealt with through the standard procedure or fast-track procedure, as appropriate, and which came into effect on 4 June 2018.  These rule amendments were published in the Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2018.

  • Applications for one or more orders indicated on Form A (primarily but not exclusively matrimonial cases, as for current Form A) will be listed on the standard track. 
  • Form A1 now deals with a more limited range of orders to be dealt with under the fast-track (or standard track if the court subsequently decides to move the proceedings to that track). 
  • The amended D50C provides for an application to be made for orders that may be on the standard or fast track.

Note: on the official forms there is only room for 2 children before addenda sheets need to be added. We have designed our forms so as many children as needed can be entered, and extra pages are automatically created in the right place. However as a consequence of this you need to enter information about the children in Basic Case Information/Child details, from where it will be pulled through into Forms A and A1 automatically. You can’t enter information about the children directly into either form.

2.             New field for judge’s name in the Orders section

                You can now enter the judge’s name and this will be merged into your orders.

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