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The latest updated version of the Remote Family Access Court has been published. Mr Justice MacDonald has highlighted the following updates in it:

  1. Hybrid Hearings are now covered in detail at para [] and a Protocol for Hybrid Hearings is set out at Appendix 3
  2. A new hybrid hearing template order has been added at Appendix 5.
  3. The Protocols for ‘Remote’ and ‘Fully Attended’ hearings at Appendix 1 and 2 have been fully revised and updated.
  4. The section on ‘Judicial Discretion as to Format of Hearings’ at para [3.4.1] has been fully updated in light of recent case law.
  5. Details are provided at para [5.4.3] of the sources of IT support for the judiciary, including dedicated support for CVP.
  6. Further details of new support available to litigants in person are set out at para [5.19.7] onwards.

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