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The BBC's weekly The Boss series profiles different business leaders from around the world. This week we speak to Kate Daly and Pip Wilson, co-founders of lawyer-free divorce service Amicable.

When Kate Daly and her former husband split up, she says matters quickly became toxic and expensive when they both hired divorce lawyers.

"It escalated very quickly, not only into a conflict, but into huge amounts of money being spent, on things that were irrelevant, and not important to the process," she says. "Because I didn't understand what the process was."

Kate was so unhappy with what she had to go through, that she decided that she would change career to help other divorcing couples try to get through the process more amicably. So in 2012 she switched from being a corporate councillor working with business leaders, to a divorce coach helping husbands and wives best separate without rancour.

Read the full article here: BBC News

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