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Brexit looks like the world’s worst break-up. But for cross-channel couples currently on the skids, the U.K.’s separation from the European Union may just be the harbinger of another messy split to come: their own.

As the British Parliament grapples with unknowns over when and how its extraction from the EU will happen, divorce lawyers are weighing an “enormously complex” picture for mixed couples who separate post-Brexit.

“There is complete uncertainty,” says Nigel Shepherd, a family lawyer at Mills & Reeve and former chairman of Resolution, an organization for family law reform.

The U.K. is currently facing a Friday deadline to agree to either an exit deal or a long extension to the country’s membership in the bloc.

The confusion of post-Brexit family law could potentially affect hundreds of thousands of people: in mid-2017, there were nearly half a million EU citizens living in the U.K. with a British partner, with more than 130,000 of those couples in London alone, according to estimates from The Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford.

Full story: Fortune

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