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Article: The husband (“H”, 53) and wife (“W”, 50) had been married for nearly 22 years and had three children together, aged 21, 19 and 14 at the time of the hearing. Since their separation in June 2018, they had embarked upon ‘ruinous and recriminatory financial remedy proceedings’ [1]. There had been 13 oral hearings, including two FDRs and an aborted five-day trial, and four applications by H for permission to appeal disposed of on paper by the High Court and Court of Appeal. The only liquid asset of any substance was the proceeds of sale of the parties’ family home (“FMH”), in the sum of £630,000. The combined legal costs were £594,000 – 94% of the proceeds of sale from the FMH. The difference between the parties’ offers was only £191,000. It was ‘hard to express what a calamitous waste of resources’ the litigation was [3].

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