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Comments made during launch webinar for a new book The Secret Family Court: Fact or Fiction?

The swift move to remote hearings in the family courts brough about by the Covid-19 lockdown could be used as a spur to improve family court transparency. That is the view of Sir James Munby immediate past President of the Family Division.

His comments were made during a launch webinar held to mark a new book examining the problems of reporting on family proceedings – The Secret Family Court: Fact or Fiction? Commenting towards the end of the event on the use of technology, he made the point that at present the public gallery can only be accessed by a handful of people yet if the proceedings are available on the web then anyone with an interest could watch the courts in action. In the ‘the long run that would be a tremendous improvement’ for transparency and trust. Properly handled ‘a hearing by Skype’ in the family courts should be ‘an opportunity to improve matters’.

Read the full article here: Legal Futures

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