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What’s new in version 9?

You can find full details of all the changes here, but to highlight a few of the major changes:

  1. Full terminal server functionality There’s been major internal data restructuring to allow full terminal server functionality. Full details of what the changes entail (including installing this update) can be found in our IT Support Document.
  2. Exchange rates and print preferences are now specific to a particular case and ‘travel’ with it 
  3. The following new forms have been added or revised:
  • Three completely new appeal forms - FP161, FP162 and FP244
  • EX160B and EX160C 
  • FL403, FL403a and FL415 
  • N161
  • HR1 and UN1 (Land Registry forms – found under ‘Other forms’ on the Navigator)
  • EX160B and EX160C (all the above have been added)
  • Forms A and A1
  • Form B
  • BR19 and BR20
  • C1, C1A, C2, C8, C51, C52, C63, C64, C65, C66, C67, C68, C69, C78, C79 and C100
  • D8, D11, D50K and D89
  • EX160 
  • FL401
  • FM1
  • N208 
  • P1, P2 (all the above have been revised)

Full details of all the changes in Quantum v9 are here.

Please call us on 01652 652 22201652 652 222 or send an email to if you need help with this installation.

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