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Please note that this update (whilst bringing you completely up-to-date) is not critical, in that the Courts have been told to continue accepting the Form E you have in version 8.3. 

Another update is scheduled for the spring, so it is up to you whether you install this version or not. 

What’s new in version 8.4?

On 23rd January the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice (Mr Shailesh Vara) issued a written statement in the House of Commons laying out further actions to be taken in response to the calculating error found in the online HMCTS Form Finder Form E.

  1. Revised Form E  A revised Form E has been released, with changes to the layout of paragraph 2.20, Financial Details/Summaries/Summary of your capital. These changes have been made within Quantum.
  2. New form D650 For those who wish to apply to have their financial order varied or set aside, a new specific application form has been created, D650. This form is now included within Quantum.   

Please call us on 01652 652 22201652 652 222 or send an email to if you need help with this installation.

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