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3 new private children law orders have been released: 

  • PLCO A (Directions Order)
  •  PLCO B (Case Management Order)
  •  PLCO C (Enforcement Order) 

The orders have been devised by a group of District Judges, led by DJ Martin Dancey (now HHJ), at the request of the President, as he was ‘all too conscious that the existing orders were not doing what was required.’

They have been specifically designed so that:

  • They are easier for LiPs to use
  • They are ‘less prescriptive as to recitals, leaving it to the good sense of judges in any particular case what they choose to include or leave out.’ The President adds ‘with the agreement of the Family Procedure Rules Committee I have now approved amendments to PD12B removing the requirement for certain information to be included on the face of orders.
  • Penal and warning notices are prominently displayed as appropriate, as required by CPR 81.9.

Revised versions of existing orders also now available:

  •  Financial Remedy Final Order
  •  Schedule 1 to the Children Act 1989 Order
  • CAP04 (the Child Arrangements Programme Final Order)

We have added optional signature clauses for these 3 orders. 

There is a further change to the Financial Final Order, in that there are now two mandatory paragraphs at the end of the order - Clean break: capital [and income] - Applicant and Clean break: capital [and income] - Respondent.  
Download these new templates now to update your orders library!
Get these latest templates by going to the Orders part of the program and clicking on the red text 'Click here to check whether new orders are available'.

The new and revised orders will then be stored onto your computer, replacing the old versions.

If you have any problems installing the orders, or any questions, please call our helpline on 01652 652 22201652 652 222.

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