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In his Judgment, Mr Justice Peel refers to the inconsistencies which occur when the standard Duxbury model is not followed 'I do not see that the SJE was asked to do any more than create his own Duxbury style calculations, but, perhaps inevitably, he adopted different underlying assumptions. The result is a quasi-Duxbury calculation, inconsistent with the specific Duxbury model which has stood the test of time for decades in financial remedy cases.', but also the costs that can be saved by using affordable solutions such as At A Glance and Capitalise 'For my own part, I strongly caution against the sort of exercise which was carried out here which has been a largely futile and costly exercise. There should rarely, if ever, be a need for an IFA to carry out a Duxbury style exercise which adds cost, delay, and confusion.'

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What is Capitalise?

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Capitalise is a cloud-based tool, designed to calculate spousal maintenance and clean breaks.

You can carry out your own bespoke Duxbury calculations, personalised to the individual circumstances of your case.

Key features:

  • Carry out a conventional calculation (working from an income required to a capital sum) or a reverse calculation (working out the income a specific capital sum will provide).
  • Add a stepped calculation and reduce or enhance the income requirement at a certain point during the term.
  • Preserve the initial capital at the end of the term, so it falls into the recipient's estate.
  • Adjust variables such as inflation, income yield and capital growth; Income Tax and allowances; Capital Gains Tax, and the new State Pension.
  • Produce comprehensive reports, complete with a summary page and breakdown of the calculation, to take to court.


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