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A bespoke Duxbury calculation can often involve pages and pages of figures in a complex spreadsheet. But with Capitalise, a bespoke Duxbury calculation is easy because the program does the maths for you. Simply enter your client's details and Capitalise will produce your bespoke Duxbury calculation and formatted report, ready to take to court.


Capitalise Case Info


Capitalise calculates both conventional calculations, working from an income required to a capital sum, or a reverse calculation, working out the income a specific capital sum will provide.


Capitalise Calc Parameters


Calculations can be be stepped, so you can reduce or enhance an income requirement at a certain point during the term.


Capitalise Stepped


You can also preserve the initial capital at the end of the term so it falls into the recipient's estate.

With Capitalise, you can have multiple calculations for one client. This allows you to calculate several different scenarios, including working out the difference in a calculation result with and without state pension included. 


Learn how a state pension can affect a Duxbury Calculation


To tailor your Duxbury calculation further, you can include income receipts, capital receipts and pension receipts. 


Capitalise Receipts


If you would like to try Capitalise out, you can request a 1 week free trial here

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