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Quantum Cloud is a web based application, designed to help family lawyers work more effectively and efficiently - whether they are in the office, in court or at home. It is backed by years of experience and expertise in the family law field.

It is accessed via your web browser - so there is no need to install any software or access your remote desktop via a VPN.

Use Quantum Cloud to manage and complete your client's divorce, finance or children forms and orders. It will merge your core case information across all forms so you only have to enter it once.

Quantum Cloud contains the most commonly used divorce and finance forms, including Form E and D8. In the next 2 weeks, we will be adding 30 family forms to give you an even greater range of resources. The entire selection of standard family orders is also available.

Key advantages of using Quantum Cloud

  • Cloud Based – Access your Quantum system anywhere
  • Input case information once - Quantum automatically merges the details into all of the forms for you.
  • Automatic updates
  • Highly flexible and intelligent Form E
  • Chronology and schedule of assets
  • Unlimited text input
  • Easy printing
  • Flexible and easy management of your client files
  • Multi-factor authentication and the highest security
  • Data is stored in the cloud
  • Auto-save functionality
  • All forms can be saved to PDF to add to a Document Management System
  • All court and divorce centre details are stored within the program

Request a demo

We are confident Quantum will provide you with the solution you need, but why not book a short demo to be given a full tour around the program? Demo's can be tailored to suit you and the time you have.

Find out more here or call us on 01652 652222.

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