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Now, we bring you part two… The judge has changed his mind after the intervention of two journalists : our own Louise Tickle and Press Association journalist Brian Farmer. Both of them took the judge up on his invitation for the press to request a reconsideration of his decision not to name, and were able to present the arguments in such a way – along with important additional evidence that had not been brought to the judge’s attention first time around – that the balance tipped back in favour of naming the local authority. In response to their request, the LA brought in a specialist media law barrister, whilst the journalists made submissions ‘in person’ (without a lawyer).

The authority in question is Haringey. Most readers will immediately identify Haringey as the local authority involved in the Baby P case, some will recall that the Victoria Climbie tragedy happened on their patch too. What most won’t have twigged, and Mr Justice Hayden hadn’t been told until unearthed by Tickle, is that this local authority were slated in 2018 for the identical serious failings that Hayden J had found in this case, and which he had been persuaded were a ‘one off’ with lessons learnt. 

Read the full article here: Transparency Project 

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