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Judgment: Four applications were before the court: to commit the wife for breach of a non-molestation order; to commit her for breach of an order made on 5 October 2017; for an order for sale of the wife's house; and (from the wife) to discharge the previous orders made against her. Lieven J reached the conclusion that the wife's allegations against the husband were without foundation and that she had been pursuing a "cruel and destructive" campaign against him. However, committing her once again to prison would not achieve anything. Lieven J did make the order for sale sought. A representative of the Press Association raised a concern regarding section 1 of the Sexual Offences Amendment Act 1992. Lieven J decided that where an alleged victim's identity was already in the public domain, the prohibition in section 1 could only take effect to the degree that it had any operative effect. She anonymised the judgment to the extent of calling the parties' children J and B.

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