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Foreword to the eighth edition

I am honoured once again to be invited to write the foreword to this excellent work. The authors have succeeded in defying the well-known and much-attributed aphorism: “I am sorry for the length of this letter, but I did not have time to write a short one”. Its mere 120 pages are crammed with a bang up-to-date cornucopia of not only the substantive law but also a wealth of procedural advice. In addition, key numerical, fiscal and actuarial aspects are addressed. I found the sections on Schedule 1, Matrimonial and Non-Matrimonial Property, Spousal Maintenance, and Injunctions especially informative and well-written.

In my previous foreword I noted that I was mentioned 94 times. I am pleased to note that the count has risen to 97. My century beckons. I conducted a Boolean search: Mostyn AND (criticised OR overturned OR reversed OR set-aside) with a proximity filter of “on the same page”. I was doubly gratified that only three instances were returned, and one of them was not in relation to a decision of mine.

I note that in the Brexit section it is stated: “it appears extremely likely that the draft EU Withdrawal Agreement will be enacted” Like it or not, this is realistic. Whether the first-past-the-post EU jurisdiction rule (or any other EU rule) will be retained after the end of the transitional period, due to end on 31 December 2020, requires the services of a particularly skilled prophet.

I am convinced that this work is an essential component in every practitioner’s library. It is a worthy companion to At A Glance and Financial Remedies Practice each of which has a different focus. Like At A Glance it has the intrinsic merit of portability. There is reason to hope that each book will be automatically provided by HMCTS to all Financial Remedies Court judges, without having to form part of an individual judge’s library allowance. Practitioners should be keenly aware when they next step into court, that these works are likely to be within the judge’s reach.

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