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HHJ Edward Hess will now finish proceedings by bringing you fully up to speed with the plans to establish a national network of financial remedy courts in the next 12 months. He is the co-author of a recent paper setting out detailed plans for how the new courts will operate. Those plans have been heartily endorsed by The President in his latest View, who intends to implement them before he retires next year.

HHJ Edward Hess will brief delegates on the proposals including: 

  • how the courts will operate
  • where they might be located
  • what cases would be heard
  • the different points of entry
  • and what fees might apply

There will also be the opportunity to raise questions and, of course, discuss these plans with your peers.

If you have not yet booked your place you can do so on the dedicated website here.

While you are there please do also register to join us for the launch of the new look Capitalise software which will take place after the conference. You are free to join us for that even if you cannot make the conference. 

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