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Mr Justice Mostyn, Lewis Marks QC, Gavin Smith, Joshua Viney & Henrietta Boyle

Cited and used in courts every day, this unique book combines authoritative Commentary on financial remedies practice and procedure together with the full and up-to-date text of the relevant Family Procedure Rules and Practice Directions.

This 10th edition has been revised and rewritten to incorporate major developments in the last 12 months. Comprehensive Commentary on the Financial Remedies Courts marks the president's announcement on 24 February 2021 of the permanent establishment of the FRC within the Family Court structure. Separate Commentary on the completion of Brexit and on the shirt to paperless working and remote hearings made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic has been added this year. Each of these subjects has generated a host of practice issues which have been thoroughly analysed in the text.

Key cases from the last 12 months, including Haley (arbitration), Potanin (1984 Act, Part III) and a number of important decisions on conduct-based costs orders and the setting aside of orders, are also dissected in the fully rewritten Commentary.

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