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Next week we anticipate despatching the colour co-ordinated 2018-19 edition of At A Glance which will as ever contain amongst its features the pages of Leading Cases listed by category, pruned and updated for the year ahead.

Eglance 1

High among the many additional features which the software program affords to subscribers comes enhanced and immediate access to the authorities cited, listed alphabetically as well as by subject matter. Time was that one would search to find a case amongst those piles of as yet unbound loose law report parts… But with @eGlance you only need lift (or rather depress) a finger or two to bring up on your screen the full transcript, in the case of most cases decided since about 2008. For authorities from earlier years the programme gives access to the FLR headnote, complete with details of cases cited in that judgement many of which will be similarly hyperlinked.

That same facility can also be found in relation to most of the cases cited in the editors' Commentary on the FPR.

Furthermore, the content of Leading Cases accessible via this software is updated regularly throughout the year, and new additions signposted in each new issue's Noticeboard, thus: 

Leading Cases

Leading Cases Added (by topic)

ExpertsBuehrlen v Buehrlen[2017] EWHC 3643 (Fam) (Moor J, 24 November 2017, unreported), Full transcript
Interim capital orders/orders for saleWS v HS[2018] EWFC 11 (Cobb J, 28 February 2018, unreported), Full transcript
Jurisdiction: domicileJ v U; U v J (No 2) (domicile)[2017] EWHC 449 (Fam), [2017] 1 FCR 545, Full transcript
Jurisdiction: EU RegulationsW, V v X (Case C-499/15)[2017] 2 FLR 828, CJEU, Full transcript
Pensions: otherGoyal v Goyal[2016] EWCA Civ 792, [2016] 4 WLR 140, [2017] 2 FLR 223, Full transcript
Periodical payments: principles of awardAB v CD (jurisdiction: global maintenance orders)[2017] EWHC 3164 (Fam), [2018] 1 FCR 199, Full transcript
Practice and procedureBarton v Wright Hassall LLP[2018] UKSC 12, [2018] All ER (D) 109 (Feb), [2018] 1 WLR 1119, Full transcript
Resources, non-matrimonial: acquired post-separationAlireza v Radwan & Ors[2017] EWCA Civ 1545, [2017] 4 WLR 206, [2018] 1 FCR 289, Full transcript
Resources: computation and extent ofAlireza v Radwan & Ors[2017] EWCA Civ 1545, [2017] 4 WLR 206, [2018] 1 FCR 289, Full transcript
TOLATAWhitlock v Moree[2017] UKPC 44, Full transcript
James v James[2018] EWHC 43 (Ch), Full transcript
Smyth-Tyrrell v Bowden[2018] EWHC 106 (Ch), Full transcript
Haberfield v Haberfield[2018] EWHC 317 (Ch), Full transcript
Culliford v Thorpe[2018] EWHC 426 (Ch), Full transcript
Variation of final ordersA v A[2018] EWHC 340 (Fam) (Cohen J, 28 February 2018, unreported), Full transcript

@eGlance is free to trial for 35 days, which you can request here.

An annual licence is just £150+vat, which includes 4 updates throughout the year. If you would like to purchase an annual licence, you can do so here

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