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As well as the normal financial updating, 2016.4 contains a number of other changes: 

  1. The most important is that you can now print personalised case- and client-specific reports from all calculators (and the Financial Remedy Timetabler).
  2. There has also been a complete revision of The Commentary on the FPR. The updated paragraphs can be seen in situ throughout The Commentary (which can now also be accessed from the very top of the navigator), or seriatim in the Update Tracker.  
  3. Also incorporated are the changes brought about by The Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2016 (S.I. 2016/355), which come into force on 6 April 2016. A summary of their effect can be seen in Amendment Rules. Note there are is a new Part 39 (Attachment of Earnings) and Part 40 (Charging Orders, Stop Orders and Stop Notices), which set out the procedure to be followed in respect of applications for attachment of earnings orders, charging orders, stop orders and stop notices. A new PD 40A (Charging Orders, Stop Orders and Stop Notices) takes effect on the same date.
  4. As always, the selection of Leading Cases to which instantaneous access is available has been amended and expanded to bring it up to date as at mid-March 2016. 
  5. The TOLATA section (both the Procedural Summary and Leading Cases) has also been updated. 

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