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We love to show off Quantum Cloud to new people, because we are truly proud of what it does and are confident that it will benefit your business. That's why our Training Coordinator, Lisa Crellin, is dedicated to providing bespoke online demos to you and your team.

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Watch our short video below to see the highlights of Quantum Cloud

Still need convincing? Here are just five of the many key features Quantum Cloud has to offer.

1. One-click Chronology & Schedule of Assets.

Quantum Cloud automatically pulls through dates and financial information from your Case Information and Form E to give you an instant Chronology/Schedule of Assets.

2. Bespoke Standard Family Orders drafting.

Merge your case information and financial information in the relevant standard family orders and pre-select the paragraphs you want to use before compiling the order.

3. Automatic calculations.

All assets and liabilities entered into the Form E are calculated for you and totalled up at the end of the form.

4. Flexible working between home and the office

Quantum Cloud is accessed via your web browser, no installs are required, so you can easily work between home and the office without logging into remote desktops or having multiple installations.

5. The highest security and 2 Factor Authentication

The program is held on Amazon Web Servers. The multi-factor authentication gives you peace of mind that your program and all the data stored within it is fully secure.

Of course, Quantum Cloud contains over 100 family court forms and the complete set of Standard Family Orders, all of which are kept up-to-date and automatically updated when the courts released revised versions.


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