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We have taken feedback on board from those who currently access e-books through our e-reader and have implemented copy and paste functionality.

More and more people are wanting to adopt a paperless working policy and so our e-books have been incredibly popular during the first year of launch. However, feedback from many users is that they need to be able to copy and paste sections of text to either send to their clients or colleagues, or to add to a document they are preparing for court. 

Typing some passages up by hand would be incredibly time consuming and so the ability to copy and paste is necessary. Therefore, you can now copy sections out of your e-books and insert into documents, emails etc. 

E Reader Copy

This key feature of our bespoke e-reader is now part of a number of other time-saving features when you choose to purchase one of our e-books. Other features include:

1. Fully clickable contents section, taking you directly to the relevant part of the book. 

E Reader Contents

2. Annotations functionality allows you to highlight text and add a supplementary note.  The annotated sections are all listed under the relevant book in the annotations tab.

E Reader Annotations

3. Have all of your books side by side in your own financial remedies library.

E Reader Library

4. Use the search bar to look for key words and phrases. If you have all of our financial remedy titles, the search function will search the term across the full library, presenting you with a range of results.

E Reader Search

Books available on the e-reader include At A Glance, Financial Remedies Practice and Dictionary of Financial Remedies

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