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#1 Cloud based - access your Quantum system anywhere

In recent years the demand for cloud-based systems has rapidly increased. This enables users to access software on a wide range of devices, regardless of their operating system. By making Quantum cloud-based, it is accessible for everyone, on any device. 

Once the new version is released, you will no longer need to install Quantum - you will simply access it in the web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

A cloud based system means the data will be stored, managed, and processed on remote servers hosted on the internet, rather than locally on your computer.

There is no compromise in terms of security. All data is encrypted and stored on Amazon Web Services (the most secure web storage available). Login is protected with 2-factor authentication. 




#2 Refreshed design, Intuitive and easy to use interface

The new interface will have a clean, modern look, but will still be instantly familiar to users of the current Quantum system. 

All the key elements users rely on have been retained, but the interface has been simplified and streamlined to make better use of the space on screen. Useful features have been made more obvious and intuitive to use, while removing unnecessary clutter and removing the need for familiarisation. 

Quantum Screen 1

#3 Automatic updates

As the new system is cloud based, we will now be able to make updates to the program without you having to do anything. 

For example, if there are new or updated forms, we can add them to Quantum straight away with no action required from the user. This means every time you use the system it will always be completely up-to-date. 

One of the many benefits of cloud-based solutions is the ability to rapidly update any new forms and features in Quantum, without needing your IT department to get involved.



#4 Improving access to key tools

We've taken advantage of this thorough redevelopment to make sure that the many tools and features in Quantum are more readily accessible and meet your needs in today's practice.

Generating a chronology, schedule of assets, or creating your standard family orders, will now be accessed via Tools in the top toolbar. Adding Notes to any section will be as easy clicking Notes next to the section title. Any you will always be able to see the progress of your forms - whether a section has been edited - next to the section title on the left. You can even choose to show only the forms that have been edited for this case in the list of forms on the left.

Quantum Screen 2 Option 2

#5 Improved Form E, specifically the Income Needs Schedule 

The Form E in Quantum is one of the most intelligent and interactive Form Es available, totaling all of your figures where necessary.

The new version will feature a newly designed Income Needs Schedule, incorporating the current needs and future needs side-by-side on one screen, so you do not need to go in to each entry to change the current income need - saving you lots of time!

As always, Quantum will still accurately calculate all of the totals for you. 

Quantum Screen 8

#6 Unlimited text input on all forms

All forms will have expandable text boxes and unlimited text input meaning you can add as much information into the forms as you require, without being restricted by pre-prescribed text box sizes. 



#7 Improved printing and downloading functions

Printing and downloading PDFs will be combined into a single screen, which is permanently available from the prominent button in the top right hand corner.

A prominent Print button will always be shown in the top right corner while you are working, so you can easily print, preview, or download a PDF at any time.

On the Print Preview screen you will have the option to print only the section you are currently on, or print the whole form. You can also print out the blank form from this screen, or download it as a PDF to send on to your client. 

Quantum Screen 4 Option 2
Quantum Screen 5

#8 Improved navigation between forms

The forms navigator on the left-hand side will now expand to show all sections in a form. There will no longer be some sections only available via tabs at the top of the page.

At the bottom of each section on the form, there will be a navigation bar to move onto the next section. This will help you work through the sections methodically and reduce the risk of missing a section. You will, however, still be able to go to any form or sub-section using the forms navigator on the left hand side (as is the case in the current version). 

Quantum Screen 7 Option 2

#9 Auto-save functionality

All of your work will be saved automatically as you work though, so you do not need to remember to click Save, and there will be no risk of losing your work.

Quantum Screen 3 Option 2

#10 Improved management of case files

The current case you have open will be clearly displayed at the top of the screen. The case drop-down menu will list the recent cases you have worked on for quicker access.

Case files can be unrestricted, available to all practitioners in a firm, or private, available only to nominated individuals.

You will always be able to open any case file (except if restricted). If another user currently has it open, it will be opened read-only. This still allows you to view the contents of all the forms, print or download it. You can also take over editing, which will lock it for the other user.

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