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  • The latest edition of At A Glance will be out soon, so only a few weeks left to pre-order.
  • Florence Jones of 1 Hare Court looks at 'BC v BG, re-opening an arbitration award: can the court interfere?'


  • Man finally granted divorce after ticking wrong box on court form... and marrying second wife (The Telegraph)
  • Munby: State 'washed its hands' of couple branded bigamists after court failures (Law Gazette)
  • Housewife awarded record £453m divorce settlement in fresh battle to stop super-yacht sailing out of reach, court hears
    (The Telegraph)
  • Russian oligarch at centre of UK's biggest divorce fight keeps his £350 million superyacht out of his ex-wife’s hands after sharia judges Dubai overrule British court (Daily Mail)


  •  How Much Easier Have No-Fault Divorce Changes Made A Lawyer’s Job? Lawyer Monthly
  • How To Divide The Family Business In A Divorce Forbes

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