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The award recognises legal service providers and legal suppliers who have delivered excellence in collaboration between all parties. We entered the awards with Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP to highlight the work between ourselves and Penningtons to share best practice, and discuss the needs and wants of practitioners working in family law. From this, we created Quantum Collaborate, a system that would not just benefit practitioners, but their clients too.

Start using our award winning software, Quantum Collaborate, today

Quantum Collaborate is an add-on module that can be added to Quantum Cloud. It allows you to share forms, including Form E, with your client so they can start the form themselves or amend forms you have already started for them.

Forms can be passed backwards and forwards between yourself and your client as many times as you need. Each time the form is submitted back to you, you can review all changes made before accepting them.

This system simplifies the process for you and your client and saves them money. All collaboration takes place within the security of Quantum Cloud, ensuring that sensitive data remains private.


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