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Underpinning the calculations for this record breaking sum was Class Legal's very own Capitalise software, which was used by all sides under instruction from the judge, who at para 155 of the judgment states that:

"I am grateful to all three junior counsel in this case. At my request they have produced a number of Capitalise calculations on an agreed basis reflecting various scenarios as they have been canvassed during the course of this hearing. The numbers are all agreed in terms of the underlying calculations."

This is powerful proof that Capitalise can handle even the most complex cases with its ability to test out different variables so creating a range of options that the judge can use to arrive at an equitable award. 

If it can cope with the eye catching sums at stake in Juffali then it can, of course, handle with ease the more run of the mill variation of maintenance applications that most practitioners encounter. 

A full working version of Capitalise is available on a 35 day trial and our team would be happy to demo it online if you need to know more. 

To set up a trial please click here, or to speak to a member of the helpdesk on 01652 652 222 or email

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