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What is Capitalise?

Capitalise, originally developed by the late Sir Peter Singer and Mr Justice Mostyn, is a calculating program that produces tailored Duxbury calculations and reports.

What calculations can Capitalise produce?

Capitalise produces both conventional and reverse calculations. This means you can work from a lump sum to show the income it will produce over a set period or life. Or, you can produce a reverse calculation to work out the income a specific capital sum will provide.

How can I tailor the calculation to my client?

Capitalise has many variables that you can change to create a bespoke calculation, including:
  • The life expectancy is auto-populated from the ONS18 table. However you can adjust this if you know your client has health conditions etc.
  • Calculations can be for life or for a specified period.
  • Choose to preserve the capital at the end of the term and inflate the preserved capital.
  • Inflation, income yield and capital growth are inserted as default values, but all can be adjusted to your own figures.
  • Choose to exclude UK income tax or use a blind person's allowance.
  • Choose how you calculate Capital gains Tax (No CGT, drawdown, recycle, recycle with drawdown)
  • Include or exclude the new state pension
  • Enter an income requirement for the whole of term, or between specified years' or ages.
  • Change how often the income requirement should be applied (Every year, every 3 years etc).
  • Increase or decrease the income requirement by an amount or percentage in X number of years.
  • Enter income receipts, capital receipts and pensions receipts.

What is the outcome?

After adding in all of your income requirements, receipts and adjusting the variables as needed Capitalise will calculate your 'answer' at the click of a button, providing you with a figure on screen.
You can also look at a breakdown of the detailed results on screen and export to Excel. The results are also available to print or download as a fully formatted report, ready to add to a court bundle.

Watch | Capitalise tutorial

In the video below, taken from a live demo, our legal editor Melissa Chapman shows you some of the different ways you can use Capitalise.

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