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'At a Glance: Essential tables for financial remedies, published by the Family Law Bar Association, is back for 2020/21 with a colour cover of what my in-house expert in these matters advises me is probably mauve and a fiver on the price at £75. The intro has gone and, with it and in keeping with the national mood, the jokes. There’s useful material on the financial remedies courts and their zone hubs; the usual puff for the IFLA arbitration scheme; sufficient on costs to scare you; and the other tables you have come to love. Without it, you’ll run the risk of looking or sounding (dependent on which form of remote has got you out of bed) a fool. I can’t tell you if it was cheaper to dine out on a Peckham pavement or a Paris boulevard because the international living costs table has had to be scrapped.'

Copies of At A Glance, both print and digital, are available to order here.

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