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We are committed to continuously develop and update Quantum Cloud so our users can be confident they are using the best forms tool on the market.

As part of that commitment, we have just released 45 new family forms into Quantum Cloud, including:

  • C(PRA1) (Parental Responsibility Agreement)
  • C(PRA2) (Step-Parent Parental Responsibility Agreement)
  • C(PRA3) Parental Responsibility Agreement (second female parent)
  • C1 (Application: except care/supervision/s8/enforcement orders)
  • C120 (Witness statement template - child arrangements/parental dispute)
  • C13A (Supplement for an application for a Special Guardianship Order)
  • C3 (Application authorising search/taking charge/delivery of child) General/Applicant
  • C61 (Certificate Art 41(1) of EC Council Regulation on rights of access)
  • C63 (Application for declaration of parentage)
  • C64 (Application for declaration of legitimacy under s56)
  • C65 (Application for declaration as to adoption effected overseas)
  • C66 (Application for inherent jurisdiction order in relation to children)
  • C67 (Application under Child Abduction & Custody Act 1985)
  • C68 (Application for international transfer of jurisdiction)
  • C69 (Application for registration etc under Council Reg. (EC)/Hague Convention)
  • C78 (Application for attachment of warning notice to a child arrangements order)
  • C79 (Application for attachment of warning notice to a child arrangements order)
  • D8B (Answer to a divorce/dissolution/(judicial) separation or nullity petition/application
  • D8D (Petition for a presumption of death decree/order and the dissolution of a marriage.civil partnership)
  • D8N (Nullity Petition)
  • D151 (Application for registration of a maintenance order)
  • D80C (Statement in support of divorce - Desertion)
  • D80F (Statement in support of divorce - Void)
  • D80G (Statement in support of divorce - Voidable)
  • D180 (Art 39 Council Regulation (EC) Certificate concerning judgments in matrimonial matters)
  • D259 Notice of Appeal against a detailed assessment
  • D62 (Request for issue of judgment summons)
  • D650 (Notice of application to vary or set aside a financial order (Form E calculator error)
  • D651 (Notice of application to vary or set aside a financial remedy (Form E1 calculator error)
  • D70 (Application for declaration of marital/civil partnership status)
  • EX107 (Request for transcription of court or tribunal proceedings)
  • F (Notice of allegation in proceedings for a financial remedy)
  • FP161 (Appellant’s notice: appeals to Family Division of High Court)
  • FP162 (Respondent's notice: appeals in Family Division of High Court)
  • FP244 (Application notice within appeals to Family Division of High Court)
  • FP5 (Acknowledgment of service: application under Part 19 FPR 2010)
  • G (Notice of response to First Appointment)
  • High Court Judge Hearing Certificate
  • I (Notice of request for periodical payments order)
  • N117 (General form of undertaking)
  • N161 (Appellant's notice: all appeals except small claims track/to High Court)
  • N208 (Claim Form (CPR Part 8))
  • P2 (Pension Attachment Annex)
  • PPF2 (Pension Protection Fund attachment annex)
  • UN1 (Land Registry application to enter unilateral notice)

A full list of family forms and orders available in Quantum Cloud can be found here.

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