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Change to registration software/procedure 

This version incorporates a new way of registering your program. In the next few days, you will receive another email containing your unique 28 digit registration key, which will unlock Quantum for the period of your licence. Once you have installed the update onto your machine you will be able to continue to access Quantum for 35 days, during which time you should enter the registration key from the email. Contact the helpdesk ( or 01652 652 222 with any queries.)
  1. Revised forms 
    The following 9 forms have been revised by HMCTS since the last release (the majority came into effect on 6th April 2017) and are included in Quantum v9.1:  
    • C63 
    • C64 
    • C65 
    • EX160 
    • FL401
    • FL403 
    • FL403A 
    • FL415 
    • N161 
  2. Enhancements to the program
    After user requests the following improvements have been made:

    a. Form A & Form A1, page 1 
    i. You can now click to swap round the Applicant and Respondent’s names if the form is for dismissal purposes. 
    ii. You can now amend the title of the form to remove ‘[intention to proceed with]’ if required.

    b. BR19
    The date of marriage/civil partnership is now being automatically inserted from Basic case information.

    c. Form E, Property sections (Matrimonial home & Other properties)
    When ‘Jointly with spouse’ is chosen as how the property is owned, the 50% that appears as the default is no longer locked – i.e. you can now change it. (Note a consequence of this change, requested by many users, is that the other party’s share of the property will now need to be added manually in the Schedule of Assets.)

    d. N260
    We have changed the way VAT is calculated, so you can now exclude it or enter a partial amount – e.g. if there is VAT due on solicitors’ but not barristers’ fees. Check the tickbox at the top of the form before you calculate the totals - and then enter the appropriate amount of VAT and amend the grand total manually if necessary. 
  3. Regular updating
    The latest rates for child benefit (actually unchanged from last year) and state pension have been included in the program. Existing users should go to Preferences/Time savers/State pension and click on ‘Default’ to load the new value.

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