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(You can print out a copy of these changes here)

A.   Technical changes in this version: full terminal server functionality

  1. There’s been major internal data restructuring to allow full terminal server functionality. Full details of what the changes entail (including installing this update) can be found in our IT Support Document.

B.   What these technical changes mean to users 

  1. You will need to enter your firm and fee-earner details again When you (or your IT department) load and then run v9 you will be asked to enter your firm’s name and address details again, and the default fee-earner – the data entered in v8.4 will have been deleted by this new version. If Quantum is being loaded over a network, then each user should enter the appropriate default fee-earner themselves. See pages 6-8 of the manual for more information, or call our helpline on 01652 652 222.   
  2. Preferences (firm and fee-earner details, currencies and print preferences) The way Preferences work in the program, particularly in relation to currencies and print preferences, has been changed considerably in this version. These can now be set locally (i.e. on just your machine) or centrally (i.e. across the department). Talk to your IT department, look at our IT Support Documenor see pages 6-8 of the manual. Don’t hesitate to call us on 01652 652 222 for help if needed.
  3. Exchange rates are now specific to a particular case and ‘travel’ with it  There’s a new section in Basic Case Information called Exchange rates used in this case. Any exchange rates used in a case are now linked to it, so if the case is opened by another user the exchange rates travel with it (as opposed to being governed by the user’s settings, as in v8.4). There’s more information on this, and how to add exchange rates to a case, on pages 12-14 of the manual
  4. Print preferences are also now specific to a particular case and ‘travel’ with it Each user can set their own print preferences. If a case user A creates is subsequently opened by user B, the print preferences for that case will be user A’s unless user B changes them. 

C.   New forms
The following new forms have recently been released by HMCTS and are included in Quantum v9:

  • FP161 (Appellant's Notice)
  • FP162 (Respondent's Notice) 
  • FP244 (Application Notice)

The following family forms have been added to Quantum:

  • EX160B and EX160C 
  • FL403, FL403a and FL415 
  • N161
  • HR1 and UN1 (Land Registry forms – found under ‘Other forms’ on the Navigator)

D.   Revised forms 

The following forms have been revised by HMCTS since the last release & the latest version is included:

  • Forms A and A1
  • Form B
  • BR19 and BR20
  • C1, C1A, C2, C8, C51, C52, C63, C64, C65, C66, C67, C68, C69, C78, C79 and C100
  • D8, D11, D50K and D89
  • EX160 
  • FL401
  • FM1
  • N208 
  • P1 and P2

E.   Orders

  1. Change in ‘Type of order’ list  This has been changed so that the two most commonly used categories (Financial Orders (General) and Children Orders (Private Law)) are now at the top, for ease of access
  2. Changes to template orders themselves New signature clauses have been added to the Financial Remedy Final OrdersChildren Act Schedule 1 Final Orders and to CAP04 (Final Order). A small amendment has been made to each of Financial Remedy Final Orders and the Interim Charging Order.

F.   Other enhancements to the program
After user requests the following improvements have been made:

  1. Form A, Signature section  Users can now strike out/delete the phrase ‘I am duly authorised by the applicant to sign this statement’ at the top of the page, to allow for case where the client signs for themselves.
  2. C1A, Statement of Truth sections  We have made it clearer on the Navigator which is the Statement of Truth for the Applicant (section 6) and which for the Respondent (section 8)  
  3. C100, Other court cases, section 5 You can now tick/untick the box stating whether additional sheets are attached,  rather than Quantum doing this for you automatically 
  4. D8, Part 10, Prayer You can now choose to insert the standard text ‘The Respondent shall be ordered to pay half the costs’   
  5. D36 The date of Decree Nisi, if entered in Basic Case Information/Dates, will now be auto-inserted here 
  6. D81, currencies You can now select non-sterling currencies in this form, as you can in Form E
  7. Form E i. Bank accounts, section 2.3 – the account number is now displayed in the list of bank accounts on the screen ii. Shares, PEPs, ISAs etc, section 2.4 – there is now a ‘joint’ checkbox as in section 2.3, bank accounts iii. Schedule of documents – ticks will now appear even if no description added
  8. Form P1, section C The percentage share of the CE to be transferred is now displayed up to 2 decimal places, even if the second decimal place is a zero  
  9. Chronology and Schedule of Assets There is now a button in each of these tools for voluntary disclosure

G.   General updating

  1. There’s a completely revised version of the manual available
  2. The latest state pension amount has been included (child benefit has not changed)
  3. The Courts database has been fully updated

(You can print out a copy of these changes here)


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