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  • Version 2018.1 incorporates tax and other changes made for the financial year 2017-18. All calculators and tables have been updated and modified where appropriate. 
  • We have new material: Leading Citations, a nutshell accompaniment to Leading Cases, which succinctly sets out the basic principles which have emerged in the 16 years since White.
  • The life expectancy table used as the basis of the Duxbury calculator continues to be ONS14, for the reasons set out within that module. As in the last 8 years, the calculator again contains a short-term 'quantitative easing' adjustment to the assumptions to reflect continuing constraints in financial markets. The rationale for this is also described on the Information screen in the Duxbury Calculations module.
  • New Car Data no longer appears – the editors felt the amount of up-to-date and readily accessible price data available has rendered it redundant.

A full list of the updated calculating modules is below:

Time Costs/

Prices Indexes



School Fees



Child Support/

2008 Regime
2000 Regime
1991 Regime


Tertiary Education Costs and Funding


Housing Costs/

House Price Index
Stamp Duty
Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings
Housing Benefits



Company Cars/

Company Car Benefit
Company Car Fuel Benefit
Business Travel Mileage Rates


Gross Salary Calculator
Net Income Calculator
Grossed-up Net Maintenance


Shares & Savings/

Financial Indexes/

FTSE 100 Index
FTSE All Share Index
Dow Jones Index
Dax Index
Hang Seng Index
Nasdaq Index


Stamp Duty



Pensions Overview
Pension Sharing Procedure
Pension Credit
State Pension Age


Lifetime Support/

Duxbury Calculations
Life Expectancy
Life Cover


Tax and National Insurance/

Income and Capital Gains Tax
Capital Gains Tax
Inheritance Tax
Taxing Times
National Insurance Contributions
Income Tax and National Insurance Marginal Deductions
Tax Credits


Social Security Benefits/

Universal Credit
Benefits Cap
Income Replacement
Special Needs
Income Support
Tax Credits
Pension Credit
Housing Benefits


Foreign Change/

Exchange Rates
Euro Conversion Rates
International Living Costs


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