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What's new in version 2017.2?

  1. Updated FPR Commentary The most significant change included with this release is the latest version of the Commentary on the Family Procedure Rules 2010. The Commentary has been fully revised to take account of developments over the past year - both in case law and through other guidance - with significant changes affecting numerous areas of financial application procedure and practice.
  2. Amendment Rules The latest Amendment Rules (The Family Procedure (Amendment No. 2) Rules 2016) have been incorporated into the current Rules.
  3. Practice Directions  Various Practice Direction amendments (which came into force on 3rd October 2016) have similarly been incorporated.  
  4. Electronic Filing in the Financial Remedies Unit A new local Practice Direction has been issued, and can be found in under Guidance.
  5. Arbitration module In Support Materials/Arbitration the agreement Form ARB1 is now slightly amended and has been redesignated Form ARB1FS to differentiate it from the Form ARB1CS used for arbitration of children issues. The IFLA Financial Scheme Rules have also been updated.
  6. Usual financial uprating For interest rates, RPI, exchange rates and financial indices.
  7. Leading Cases As always, the Leading Cases module has been amended and expanded. All changes can be viewed in the Noticeboard.

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