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*** Note you DON’T need to download and install anything – when you log in from 5 April onwards the update will happen automatically ***

1. Default assumptions for 2018-19 The default life expectancy table (as in At A Glance 2018-19) is now ONS16. Further detail can be found in Help/Legal and methodological information/Life expectancy. The default financial assumptions remain unchanged from last year (see Help/Legal and methodological information/Default assumptions).

2. Updating (or not) cases created in the financial year 2017-18 From 5 April 2018 if you open a case created in the previous financial year you will have the option of updating the calculations for 2018-19 or retaining them as they are (in which case you can view your input data and print reports, but not amend the calculations). If you want a copy of the case for each financial year, make a copy of the case and then update the copied case.

3. Password update We have changed our password policy: your password now has to be 8-12 characters long, and include a lower and upper case letter, a number and a special character. When you log in for the first time on or after 5 April you will be asked to update your password.

Please don't hesitate to contact us on 01652 652 222 or with any questions.

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