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Two of the most useful tools in the @eGlance box are unquestionably the infinitely versatile Net Income and Gross Income calculators, which allow users to carry out fully personalised computations for their client or the other party.

As every financial remedy practitioner knows, parties’ incomes come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes. An employee may have a bonus and benefits in addition to basic salary. Whether self-employed or employed, there may be savings income, dividends, pension contributions or tax credits to factor in. The @eGlance Net Income calculator has the enormous benefit of allowing the user to group together a party’s entire income from all sources into a composite, clear and user-friendly net effect calculation.

The @eGlance calculator screen, with some sample data entered and the resultant available income shown at its foot, looks like this:

Eglance Newsletter 1

The computation can then be printed out for use in court or saved as a PDF. It can also be copied to the clipboard from where it can be pasted (in Word or Excel) into a client or offer letter or a note for court. In all these formats the detailed workings are clearly and authoritatively demonstrated.

Here is the two-page print / PDF version of the same calculation:

Net Income Calc
Net Income 2

In addition to this net income tool, @eGlance has a useful Gross Salary calculator for working out the gross salary equivalent of a net maintenance figure.

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